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Bargain and Sale Deed Without Covenants SECTION Title No. BLOCK LOT COUNTY OR TOWN TO RETURN BY MAIL TO DISTRIBUTED BY The Judicial Title Insurance Agency LLC 800-281-TITLE 8485 FAX 800-FAX-9396. B. T. U. Form 8002 - Bargain and Sale Deed with Covenant against Grantor s Acts Uniform Acknowledgment Form 3290 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TAKEN IN NEW YORK STATE State of New York County of ss On the in the year before me the undersigned personally appeared personally known to me or proved to me on the basis...
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What's going on guys French in here with REI club.com your link to creative real estate today I got a quick video for you covering the four basic types of deeds and how they differ from each other so what are deeds now deeds are legal documentation that transfers the rights of property and in this case real estate from one person to another now plain and simple you cannot transfer real estate without it being in writing and in most cases it's in the form of a deed now let's go and talk about the four types that you need to be familiar with so the first deed we want to talk about is the general warranty deed it's the most common one you'll all be dealing with in residential real estate I mean clear clearly promises the buyer that the transfer is a good as good standing and good title to the property meaning it's free of liens freeing of encumbrances which is important to investors and that the seller has a legal right to actually sell the property okay again this is a general warranty deed so the next deed we want to talk about is a specialty warranty deed now this is different from a general warranty deed is that it does not cover the entire history of the property only the history of the current seller's ownership so what it does is it provides assurance that the property seller does in fact own the property in question and has not created any type of title issues that you're going to have to deal with during their time of ownership however it does not guarantee you that the prior owners to them own the property free and clear, so that's the main difference these are usually used during a commercial type of transactions third let's talk about the bargain and sale deed which is most commonly used in tax sale or foreclosure type transactions and pretty much all its guaranteeing you is that the seller does own the title, but they're not guaranteeing you that they know if there's anything wrong with the title in the encumbrances liens like that again you know when you're dealing with foreclosure properties, and you're buying it as it you still have to do that research but as long as you know that the title is you know the person who's selling the party has the right to sell the property that's the most important thing we can figure out all the other stuff later during the title search lastly let's talk about the quitclaim deed which is most commonly used in divorce or probate type of situations where either a family member or a relative was passed out a property that they didn't own, and now they do, and they have no idea what the current title situation is or anything like that and say they want to sell the property or transfer it to another family member what a quitclaim deed allows them to do and saves them a lot of time without going through all the legal nonsense is saying hey is I do have interest in the property I no longer want any type of involvement in this property and of course any of the legal ramifications that come with it down the...
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